I provide supervision for counsellors, and others working in related roles across the social care, health and wellbeing, and mental health spheres.

It is my belief that supervision should serve to support working as effectively and ethically as possible, enhancing practice and therefore benefit to clients, but also your own wellbeing whilst working in often highly demanding work.

I offer supportive, facilitative sessions, working in a collaborative, open manner. My aim is that you feel comfortable enough to bring any aspect of your work you need to explore. There may also be times when it is appropriate to include personal issues, as these can impact on our work, and vice versa.

As with counselling, if it seems helpful, we can utilise creative means to explore ways of working and to help gain new perspective/insight.

For organisations there may be times when external supervision is required. I can offer a flexible service to support your staff and organisational needs, from short term/de-briefing to ongoing, regular sessions.


My charges are as follows:

For individual counsellor per 90 minute session £50

Charges vary for organisations, reflecting any travel time, costs and any other requirements.